About Us

Welcome to Le ’Luxe Bedhead Boutique! Today’s women wear many hats, we are mothers, wives, chefs, care givers and chauffeurs etc. We take care of everyone’s needs and always take care of ourselves last. My Brand consists of exquisite jewelry that will accentuate any outfit and head accessories used to help protect your hair during your “Me Time” whether showering, washing your hair, or getting ready for a night on the town. LET ME HELP YOU PAMPER YOURSELF EVERYDAY! Le’Luxe Spa Towel Caps replaces those annoying bath towels that refuses to stay on your head and let you be great, they are used to dry short and long hair fast, minimize hair breakage, their super cute, soft, lightweight, and multi-functional. Le’Luxe Spa Towel Caps can also be used to protect your hair during your facials or while applying your make-up. Our Spa Towel Caps can be purchased for Adolescents /Teens and Infants/toddlers (aids in keeping infants head warm after bath time). Our stylish water-resistant Spa Caps are silk inspired, reusable and come with a cute bowknot, they can be used as a raincap or a shower cap protecting your hair from water. These stylish spa caps fit comfortably on your head, it can accommodate long or short hair, and can be worn as a fashionable head garment if you need to run an errand while your hair is wet from washing or being deeply conditioned. (No one will know…. shh)!!!!! Le’Luxe silk inspired spa caps are water resistant and multifunctional; they keep water out and moisture in, it’s great for hot oil treatments as well as facials or protecting your hair when applying make-up.